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Forge, Codeplex and Friendly Urls

by Bruce Chapman on Monday, April 30, 2012 12:39 PM

Somehow I got a rumor mill going.   As most things with unexpected consequences, this caught me a bit by surprise.

Let’s get the back story : last year, while at the DotNetNuke Conference in Orlando, Scott Wilhite and I had a little chat about the DotNetNuke Forge.  As the chief of the DotNetNuke community, it’s his job to make sure the community has the best tools at it’s disposal.   One of those is the DotNetNuke Forge.  And it’s where any open source extension for DotNetNuke should live.

I’ve written a lot of bits and pieces for DotNetNuke in the last half-decade or so since I started doing this – some are trash-can fodder, some are ‘for my eyes only’, some are good enough to give to the community, and some are commercial products that keep my family fed and housed.

Most of the stuff in the third category was sitting on my website as downloadable zip files.   It really wasn’t the right place for it.  Scott asked me when I was going to start putting stuff on the DotNetNuke Forge.  It was a good question, and I don’t remember what my answer was, but I mentally lodged myself a background task of ‘put stuff on Forge’.  This gives back to the community and also simplifies management of these projects for me – everybody wins.

So, whenever there is a spare bit of time and I feel like doing something a bit different, I take one of my free downloadable apps, package it up properly, and create a DotNetNuke Forge project. 

I’ve already done this for two other projects:

Coming up to last week, I decided it was time to do this for the iFinity Friendly Url Provider.   This piece of code was what got me noticed in the DotNetNuke chattering classes (ie, the Forums) and what directly led to the launch of the Url Master product (which was a fork of this code – now drastically different, though).    It still is used very widely by many different people.  Though basic, it has got enough improvements over the standard DotNetNuke Url Rewriter that it is still quite popular.   And from time to time people find bugs in the source code and send me fixes, which I try and incorporate in and release a new version.   It’s always been open source and free to download.

So last week I finally ticked this one off my list.  I took a couple of the contributions from people, merged them in, and then created a new DotNetNuke Forge project here.

I think that’s when some misunderstandings got going.   I think some people got the idea that I had decided to open source the Url Master module, then head off to the hills and herd goats.

Well, as they say in the classics, reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.  I’m still working madly on the Url Master module code to add features and fix bugs.   I’m coming up with some exciting new modules.   I’m still feeding and housing the family.

I’ve just moved the original iFinity Friendly Url Provider code from my server to the codeplex server, so more DotNetNuke community members can find it, and where other community members can get involved in reporting issues and fixing bugs.  It was always open source – half of the code was derived from DNN, which is under BSD, so it’s under a BSD licence.  It’s just a got new home, that’s all.

There’s more to come, as well.  I’ll keep looking through the code basement to find some interesting things to polish up and put on display.

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