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DotNetNuke 6.2 and Url Master

by Bruce Chapman on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 11:15 AM

Today is another momentous day in the history of the DotNetNuke project.   As announced in multiple places, DotNetNuke 6.2 has been officially released.

DotNetNuke 6.2 is an exciting release because of all the new functionality built into the platform.  6.0 was a momentous release for many factors, not the least the new UI and other groundwork-laying technology changes.   6.1 had plenty of new and interesting features for mobile platforms, but 6.2 is the one that really starts bringing new functionality online – functionality that gets module developers like myself pretty excited about the possibilities.

It’s easy to sound over the top about these things – but 5 years ago I was working on a project that, when complete, was functionally about the same as an out-of-the-box DotNetNuke 6.2 Community Edition install.   That project cost the investor a sum with 6 zeroes behind it, while a DotNetNuke 6.2 CE install will cost you a couple of minutes of download, install and setup time.  If only the physical world evolved at such a rate – I’d be able to download and build an open-source Ferrari in my garage in a couple of years for the price of some raw materials and busted knuckles.  Sadly I doubt that’s going to be the case but at least we can now set about building fully featured social websites in no time at all.

But the social features aren’t everything that’s new here.  One of the blocking points about DNN has been the difficulty in developing applications for other platforms (other sites, mobile platforms, desktop platforms) caused by a lack of an easy to use API to the DNN core.  I’ve had a few attempts at doing this myself but always ran into sticky problems that needed a lot of time and effort.  Well, that time and effort has been spent, and spent wisely, and there is now a DNN Services layer which you can use to not only access authenticated data from DNN, but you can also extend yourself.

But enough waxing lyrical about this revolution in social websites – this post is about compatibility with the Url Master module.

Changes in DotNetNuke 6.2 which Affect the Url Master module

There are a few changes in DNN 6.2 (unrelated to the social aspect) which affect all existing Url Master versions, prior to 2.5.3.   One of these is the change to the DNN Tabs Path, which is now calculated instead of being saved into the Tabs table.   You really don’t need to know any more than that if you’re not a developer, but it has a flow on effect.

Mostly these changes relate to new installs, and the adding of new portals to existing installations. 

Managing the upgrade to DotNetNuke 6.2 with the Url Master module

I recommend upgrading to at least Url Master version – which is currently available from the Url Master downloads page.  This contains all the updates for DotNetNuke 6.2, plus some other bug fixes and improvements as well.  This version has been released for a several weeks and is proving to be stable.

You can check the Url Master version by going to the Host->Friendly Url Settings page and looking at the bottom of the page, which shows the version.

The upgrade procedure should be done as follows:

1) Backup your database and your current installation files.  Don’t skip this step thinking it will be ‘alright on the night’.  Just do it, OK?

2) Install the Url Master version through your host->extension as normal.

3) Do a quick test to make sure the site is still working OK with the upgraded version.

4) Do another backup

5) Proceed with the DotNetNuke upgrade.  Note: the 6.2 upgrade process requires your host username and password to complete it.  Make sure you have noted this down before starting.  If you don’t have your host password, you’ll need to get it reset before commencing the upgrade.

Found a problem?

If you find a problem with either a new DNN 6.2 install, or a DNN 6.2 upgrade, please report it in the Url Master support forum.

Other Modules

I recommend contacting the vendors of other modules to check for 6.2 compatibility if you think there may be an issue.

Shameless Plug

Do you use a Catalook store on your site?  I have released a new Url Provider for Catalook which is a plugin for the Url Master module.  See the Catalook Url Provider page for more details.


I have released a new Friendly Url Provider for the Social Features of DotNetNuke 6.2 – this is a Url Master plug-in that transforms the Urls of the Social features.  See the blog post Friendly Url Provider for DotNetNuke 6.2 Social Features Released for more details.  This also covers using the Url Master module to configure Vanity Urls for members.


If you’re running a DNN 6.2 site with no page extensions, then you will need to change a regex setting in order for some of the new social features to work correctly.

To do this, go to the host->friendly url settings page, click on the ‘regex settings’ tab, and scroll down looking for the ‘validExtensionlessUrlsRegex’ pattern.  Update the value to this:


The next Url Master release will have this updated pattern by default, but for the time being people should upgrade to the above pattern when using extensionless Urls.


If you switch on ‘lower case urls’ with Url Master, the standard DotNetNuke members listing will no longer work.  This is because the DNN Social Membership code does a find/replace on the Url, swapping ‘profileUser’ with the UserId of the user.

When the lower case Urls function is switched on, the DNN code no longer finds ‘profileUser’ in the code, because it now says ‘profileuser’.

To fix this problem, please add ‘profileUser’ to the ‘forceLowerCaseRegex’ pattern in the Url Master settings.

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11 comment(s) so far...

Anonymous 6/2/2012

On your dl page it lists 2.3.5 from April 2012, above you refer to are these the same version?

Bruce Chapman 6/2/2012

@Doug, yes, the download is dated 30 April I believe.

Anonymous 6/20/2012

In the "UPDATE 2" section of this article, shouldn't validExtensionlessUrlsRegex be this? (Note the '|' I added between the first two extensions):<br /><br />\.asmx/|\.ashx/|\.svc/|\.aspx/

Bruce Chapman 6/20/2012

@Rob - yes you're correct. I will fix it up.

Smart-Thinker 9/21/2012

Hi Bruce, I found another issue like this (not sure if it is DNN core or ActiveSocial) - when I register a new user the Verification code is in mixed case, eg.<br /><a href="http://www.xyz.com/verify-account/asv/verify/username/pokerver/code/PkuxEqcIftq9iBxQcNhXHB__.aspx" rel="nofollow">www.xyz.com/verify-account/asv/verify/username/pokerver/code/PkuxEqcIftq9iBxQcNhXHB__.aspx</a> <br /><br />This was changing to lowercase so I put "verify" into forceLowerCaseRegex

Bruce Chapman 9/24/2012

Rodney - that is exactly correct. Any encoded value like that will need to be avoided from the lower case conversion, because the encoding uses case-sensitive characters.

Anonymous 11/11/2012

Hi Bruce, when I register a new user the Verification code is:<br /><br /><a href="http://www.mywebsite.com/default.aspx?ctl=Login&username=qwertyuiop&verificationcode=t1eMBtP4nL0_" rel="nofollow">www.mywebsite.com/default.aspx?ctl=Login&username=qwertyuiop&verificationcode=t1eMBtP4nL0_</a><br /><br />This was changing to lowercase so I put "verificationcode" into forceLowerCaseRegex.<br /><br />Marco

Bruce Chapman 11/12/2012

@marco that was the correct way to do it.

Accuraty 3/1/2013

@Bruce - that solution seems to tell URL Master to leave the whole URL unprocessed. Great, it works - but do you have a way to target individual parameters in the QueryString? Is it possible to tell URL Master to rewrite the URL but not the value for "verificationcode"? Anyhow, glad I found this post, saved my butt on "Go Live Day"! Thank you - Jeremy

Smart-Thinker 9/10/2013

Note: in DNN 7.1.1 you need to add these 2: verificationcode|profileUser to forcelowerCaseRegex or Friends on your profile will not work and users cannot verify themselves (if using Verified)

Bruce Chapman 9/11/2013

Thanks Rodney - I wonder if that applies to the advanced urls in 7.1.1 as well?

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