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iFinity Url Master Product Retirement

by Bruce Chapman on Monday, April 7, 2014 3:52 PM

As some have already noticed, the iFinity Url Master product is no longer available for sale either on this site or on the DNN Store.  This is as a result of the integration of the Url Master codebase into DNN 7.1. 

This post will be the final entry for this blog post as activity on this site winds down with the retirement of all products formerly available here.   I have created some Frequently Asked Questions that people have had since the product was removed from sale:

Q: I have added another site to my DN install which uses Url Master, and I need to upgrade my licence, but I can’t because the product is no longer for sale.  Now I have a licensing message I can’t get rid of – what do I do?

A: There are two paths forward in this situations.

  1. Convert your DNN site to use the Advanced Url Management functionality of DNN, by upgrading to DNN 7.1 or later, and using the ‘Convert’ option in Url Master.  With this option, you’re using the DNN code and are best positioned to get future updates and bug fixes – and there are no licensing restrictions on the number of domain names.
  2. Upgrade to Url Master 2.8.1, which includes a change to the licensing system and allows new domains to be added without having to upgrade the licence.  With this upgrade, you can add more domains to your site and the licensing message will not display.


Q: I purchased the Url Master module through the DNN Store about a month ago, and now I see a ‘trial’ licence warning message showing up on my site.  What’s going on?

A: The DNN Store has a requirement that the software be downloaded before the order is completed and the charge made.   The order processing system doesn’t trigger the order completion until the software is downloaded from the store.  The order processing system pushes a notification to the iFinity licensing system.   The outcome of this is : If you don’t download the Url Master software from the DNN Store after purchasing, then the order doesn’t process, and the licensing system doesn’t get your order notification.  When you make your licence request, it doesn’t find an order and sends out a 30 day limited licence.  Once this expires, a new licence is needed.

The solution is to complete the order by downloading the software in the DNN Store (even if you already have it installed) and then request the licence again through http://www.ifinity.com.au/Licensing  - there’s not shortcut, sorry.


Q: I just purchased a copy of the product before it was removed from sale – how long will I continue to receive support for my purchase?

A: Support will be offered for 12 months after the module was removed, meaning support will be available through the DNN Store and this site until February 2015.


Q: I built some custom URL Providers for DNN – will these work if I convert my site to use the Advanced URLs feature in DNN?

A: No – any custom URL Providers built for Url Master won’t work with the DNN Advanced Url Management feature.  Not all is lost, though.  The concept of Extension URL Providers is almost exactly the same, and it’s easy to convert your Url Master provider to a DNN Extension Url Provider.   I haven’t (and probably won’t) had the opportunity to convert all the open-source Url Master providers, but it’s a simple enough task.   If you do convert a provider and want to make it available, please consider listing it on http://dnnurlproviders.codeplex.com/


Q: I use the ‘friendlyurlparms.config’ functionality in Url Master – how do I convert that to work with the Advanced Url Management feature?

A: This feature has been carried over and will work in the same way.  You’ll need to test it out as part of converting your former Url Master powered sites, but no other changes are required.  I don’t recommend the use of friendlyurlparms.config files any more-  the correct way to build/use customised URL behaviour is through building a Extension URL Provider.


Q:  I have used the ‘Convert’ feature in Url Master 2.8 – but I can’t find where in the DNN Administration screens the new URL Master pages appear.  Where are they?

A:  There is no single URL Management page within DNN 7.1 or later.  The different parts of Url Management features are located throughout the application.  For example, all site alias related functions are now in the Admin->Admin Settings->Advanced Settings->Site Alias section.   Setting custom URLs for a page is done through the Edit Page->Page Settings section.   Configuring Extension URL Providers is done through the ‘Advanced Url’ section of the Admin Settings page.

Evoq Content and Social have extra UI screens in them which allow you to change the regex patterns, create custom URLs and more.  These screens are not available in the DNN Platform edition.   The open-source community has released different extensions which allow you to perform specific functions (like creating redirects or manage the settings).   Alternatively the settings can be configured directly in the Host/Portal Settings tables if required.    The accessibility of certain features was laid out in the original blog post DotNetNuke Corp acquires iFinity Software.


Q: Are any of the other iFinity Products still available?

A: No.  All have either been removed from sale or moved to open-source projects on Codeplex.


Q: I would like to get a trial licence to test the software out – are these still available?

A: No.  While the software is still available for download, trial licences are no longer issued.


Q: I don’t remember my login details for this site, and I need to update my licence details.  How do I find my login?

A: You don’t actually need to log in to issue/update your licence.  You just need your order Id / receipt number.


I will increase this list of questions over time if I find the same question occurring over time.  Thanks to everyone who has been a long-time supporter of this product.  It makes me very happy to see the ideas first discussed in forums on this site to be a part of the DNN story and spread to everyone who now downloads/trials/purchases/upgrades DNN.  DNN is now in a position of strength in terms of flexibility and friendliness of URLs and there is nothing, URL-wise, that cannot be done with a new DNN install.  That sure wasn’t the case when I first started to run into some URL issues many years ago.

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