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Url Master and DNN 7.4

by Bruce Chapman on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 4:01 AM
DNN 7.4 has recently been released and a few people have contacted me to let me know that Url Master 2.8.2 (the last release) is not compatible.  There are two issues:
  1. The TabInfo class no longer has a 'Panes' attribute in 7.4, which means the inheritance for the TabInfoEx class (which extends the Tab class in Url Master) no longer works.  This cases the Portal Urls page to error, and causes the entire DNN site to fail with a 500 error if the Url Master module is active at the time of upgrade to DNN 7.4.
  2. The 'IsSystem' column added to the Tabs table means the auto-install of the module to the Host/Admin pages fails on installation.  This just means the page doesn't appear when the module is first installed.

I have created a new version - 2.8.3 - which is available from theDownloads page.

There are several scenarios that need to be addressed:

You have already upgraded to DNN 7.4 and the site is returning a 500 Error. 

The cause is the TabInfoEx inheritance problem.  You can fix the site in one of two ways:
1.  Restore to the backup you took before you commenced a 7.4 upgrade.  Then upgrade to Url Master 2.8.3, and perform the 7.4 upgrade again.
2.  Download the 2.8.3 version, open the install zip file, and extract out the iFinity.UrlMaster* DLL files, and place them in the \bin folder of your DNN install.   This will replace the files as needed and fix the issue.  Once the site is running, perform the upgrade to 2.8.3 to update all the files.

You have already upgraded to DNN 7.4, but have deactivated the site and the Portal Urls page is showing an error.

In this case, you can run the upgrade to Url Master 2.8.3 by installing it via the Host->Extensions page.  Once the module is upgraded, it should start working again.

You have not yet upgraded to DNN 7.4, but are intending to do so

In this case, ensure that you upgrade your Url Master version to 2.8.3 prior to running the DNN 7.4 upgrade.  Be sure to take a complete site backup (files and database) before running the 7.4 upgrade.

In all cases, I strongly recommend that you move towards using the built-in Advanced Url Management features of DNN 7.1 and later instead of using Url Master.  The code is better integrated, is subject to continuous bug fixes by the community and will be supported going forwards.  Details of how to migrate from Url Master to Advanced Urls are in my blog post Moving from Url Master to DNN in 7.1 and later.

The Url Master product is no longer updated and upgraded (except in extreme circumstances like this) and there will come a point in the future where no upgrades will be possible at all.

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