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Catalook Url Provider for the Url Master module release announcement.
How to redirect an old-style DotNetNuke Url when the Tab has been deleted.
The News Articles Module Friendly Url Provider transforms the Urls used with the Ventrian News Articles module.
How to configure the regex filters to ensure that Google Analytics tracking codes do not get lost.
Information on ways to migrate the Urls for a Joomla php site to a DotNetNuke site.
How to regenerate the blog permalinks when you've already generated friendly urls for the blog entries in the past.
How to use an internal domain name to visit your site, but keep your redirects working.
Configuring your DotNetNuke site to use correct 404 handling.
Redirecting .asp Urls to DotNetNuke .aspx page Urls.

Announcement for the new version of the Url Master module.

Are standard DotNetNuke urls really SEO friendly?
Working with Url Master and
working out any problems.
How you can set up your site to use multiple domain names.
A how to guide for transitioning old urls to new urls
for DotNetNuke sites
Removing the .aspx and going with no extensions