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How to fix an uncentered jQuery dialog in DotNetNuke 6.0
Configuring your DotNetNuke site to use correct 404 handling.
The Cache Master is a free DotNetNuke module which allows administrators to view cached items in the DNN cache.
Using the Url Master module to improve the Mult-Language Urls for DotNetNuke
Using jQuery to fix the ASP.NET limitation of including radio button controls in separate ItemTemplates.
Solution for fixing 404 errors caused by '+' symbols
in the url, on IIS 7.
Set your own Url's for DotNetNuke pages
Redirect any Url to your new pages.
Understanding how it works
Tips for best practice
Simple method for parsing Query Strings
20 Feb 2008
Getting DNN 4.8.0 to run Unit Tests
13 Feb 2008
Updating the Google Sitemap Provider for DotNetNuke
11 Feb 2008
Easy install of Google Analytics for DNN websites
Blogging from the Code Bench
Technical Insights, Solved Problems and New Projects