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Compatibility of DotNetNuke 6.0 with ASP.NET AJAX Update Panels in modules.
Customised Urls - building custom Url handling into modules.
A .NET routine to convert PayPal dates
using a regex pattern.
Update to make the DNN Unit Test framework
operate on DNN5 installs.
Working out problems with the DotNetNuke Cache
Examples of using text-based Url query string
for better SEO results
How to create a PortalSettings instance
and use that to call NavigateUrl methods in DotNetNuke
System.Globalization settings in code
used on multi lingual sites.
Set your own Url's for DotNetNuke pages
Redirect any Url to your new pages.
Simple method for parsing Query Strings
20 Feb 2008
Updating the Google Sitemap Provider for DotNetNuke
11 Feb 2008
Blogging from the Code Bench
Technical Insights, Solved Problems and New Projects