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How to update your existing 1.x-compatible Sitemap provider to the new 2.0 Sitemap providers standard.
New release of iFinty Google Sitemap providers on the DotNetNuke Forge.
Assessing the impact of the new changes to Google search that means logged-in users will no longer provide their keyword search data to Analytics packages.
A recent change by Google to add bulleted lists into search engine results changes the way you might structure your page. Read to find out more.
How to configure the regex filters to ensure that Google Analytics tracking codes do not get lost.
Using the Url Master module to improve the Mult-Language Urls for DotNetNuke
Version 2.0 of the Google Analytics module
Excluding parts of the querystring for
help with Analytics modules.
How to include jQuery in a DNN Module
includes code listing.
All about putting the Canonical Link
into DotNetNuke pages.
Blog entry detailing the three most important fields
for Search Optimization on DNN pages.
Updating the Google Sitemap Provider for DotNetNuke
11 Feb 2008
Easy install of Google Analytics for DNN websites