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Information on ways to migrate the Urls for a Joomla php site to a DotNetNuke site.
Configuring your DotNetNuke site to use correct 404 handling.
The Cache Master is a free DotNetNuke module which allows administrators to view cached items in the DNN cache.
Using the Url Master module to improve the Mult-Language Urls for DotNetNuke
Redirecting .asp Urls to DotNetNuke .aspx page Urls.
This blog post covers the shortcomings in 404 Error handling in a standard DotNetNuke installation, and how the Url Master module overcomes them.
Working with Url Master and
working out any problems.
Solution for fixing 404 errors caused by '+' symbols
in the url, on IIS 7.
Going forwards with DNN 5 and IIS 7
What's in store?
Set your own Url's for DotNetNuke pages
Redirect any Url to your new pages.
Getting a timezone adjustment
...for DotNetNuke portals
Taking another stab at producing a better Friendly Url Provider
Blogging from the Code Bench
Technical Insights, Solved Problems and New Projects