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How to update your existing 1.x-compatible Sitemap provider to the new 2.0 Sitemap providers standard.
Announcing the release of the DNN Social Url Provider for the Url Master module.  This plugin allows you to transform the Social Urls for your DotNetNuke 6.2 or later site.
The release of the Blog Module Friendly Url Provider gives the ability to completely transform the DotNetNuke Blog module Urls to use the more common blog entry format seen on the web.
A comparison of the DotNetNuke Friendly Url Provider,
the iFinity Friendly Url Provider, and the Url Master module
Getting DNN 4.8.0 to run Unit Tests
13 Feb 2008
Updating the Google Sitemap Provider for DotNetNuke
11 Feb 2008
Blogging from the Code Bench
Technical Insights, Solved Problems and New Projects