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Updating a page title with javascript so that it will be reflecting tothe Google SERP
How to update your existing 1.x-compatible Sitemap provider to the new 2.0 Sitemap providers standard.
New release of iFinty Google Sitemap providers on the DotNetNuke Forge.
Catalook Url Provider for the Url Master module release announcement.
How to redirect an old-style DotNetNuke Url when the Tab has been deleted.
How to serve different robots.txt files for different DotNetNuke portals.
The News Articles Module Friendly Url Provider transforms the Urls used with the Ventrian News Articles module.
Assessing the impact of the new changes to Google search that means logged-in users will no longer provide their keyword search data to Analytics packages.
A recent change by Google to add bulleted lists into search engine results changes the way you might structure your page. Read to find out more.
Instructions on building your own Custom Url Provider for the Url Master module.
The release of the Blog Module Friendly Url Provider gives the ability to completely transform the DotNetNuke Blog module Urls to use the more common blog entry format seen on the web.
Introduction to the latest release of the Url Master module, which brings an entirely new way of building module Urls into possibility.
Using DotNetNuke Portals as minisites for cost-effective marketing.
Assigning domain names to individual pages in DotNetNuke.
How to use the iFinity MultiContent module within DotNetNuke