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How to create customised one-off Urls by using regex rules
Announcing the release of the DNN Social Url Provider for the Url Master module.  This plugin allows you to transform the Social Urls for your DotNetNuke 6.2 or later site.
How to redirect an old-style DotNetNuke Url when the Tab has been deleted.
How to serve different robots.txt files for different DotNetNuke portals.
The release of the Blog Module Friendly Url Provider gives the ability to completely transform the DotNetNuke Blog module Urls to use the more common blog entry format seen on the web.
Blog post about free tools for helping to test the implementation and installation of changes to a DotNetNuke Url scheme.
A case study on the install and configuration of the Url Master on DotNetNuke Corporations' main website, www.dotnetnuke.com.
How to create a Friendly Url for an RSS Feed
How to use the iFinity MultiContent module within DotNetNuke
3 levels of improvement with DotNetNuke Module Urls
Building Friendly Urls into DotNetNuke Modules - part 1.
Using the Url Master module to improve the Mult-Language Urls for DotNetNuke
The Url Master 2.0 version contains new Multi-Language features for Urls.  This blog post covers the new features.
This blog post covers the shortcomings in 404 Error handling in a standard DotNetNuke installation, and how the Url Master module overcomes them.
Using example.org as an example url in documentation and blog posts.