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Please note that all iFinity Software products have been retired and are no longer available for sale.  This means that there are no trial or test licences available.  
Please include a valid receipt number or transaction Id for your licence request, or you will not receive a licence keyfile.

Licence Request

*Name of Person/Company the licence is for:
The email address is required to notify you of bug fixes and new releases and sometimes to collect feedback on the module. It will not be given to any third parties.
Contact Email Address for Licensed Person/Company
(if different to Technical Contact):
*Contact Email address for Technical contact
(person handling installation):
Type of Licence Requested:
Please enter your snowcovered invoice number/ paypal transaction id if you have purchased a licence
Receipt ID:
Licence Details
If you are requesting a domain-based licence, please supply the domain name(s). If you are requesting a server-based licence, please supply the Host installation Guid, plus the domain name of the Host Portal.
*Domain Names

Please enter in format of:
(www default):

Host Guid
(Server Licence Only):
I would like a 'localhost' licence for development/test purposes: