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This is the Help Wiki for the Url Master module.  This page is designed for people to gain information and help themselves to configure the module, use the advanced features and solve installation, configuration and use issues and problems.

Currently this wiki is not open to editing by the general public.  If you have suggestion for a change, please forward an email to or feel free to make a post in the product support forum.

Common Issues and Tasks

Creating a new Url for a DNN Page

Redirect non-www Urls to the www version

Url Master 404 Errors

Manually Removing the Url Master module configuration

Why do all Portals need a licence with Url Master

Why don't non-existent child pages return 404

Url Master Installation Problems

Upgrading DotNetNuke Versions

Module Compatibility

The following sections detail compatibility with popular DNN modules, and offer configuration suggestions, hints and known issues.

Troubleshooting the Url Master Module

The first step in troubleshooting a problem is to understand what is happening.  The best way to do this is to inspect the Http traffic with a traffic monitoring tool.  I use Microsoft Fiddler - please see the following topic for information on installing and using Fiddler to see and understand what the Url Master module is doing.

Using Fiddler to Trace Http Requests

Page Urls or Friendly Url Settings page missing

Url Master Specific Errors

Invalid or unsupported type of compression

Missing Admin or Host pages for Url Master

updPanelTestUrls is not compatible with type

Advanced Configuration

These topics cover more advanced configuration of the module.

301 Redirect a Url to a DNN Page

301 Redirect all requests to a chosen domain

Creating a Url with no aspx extension on your DNN site

Modifying Advanced Regex Patterns

Switching off page extensions in IIS

Keeping querystring data out of the Url Path

Using the DNN Module RSS Feed

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