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301 Redirect all requests to a chosen domain

A very common scenario is that a site has multiple domain names, but only one of those domain names should be used. All other version of the domain should 301 redirect to a single domain. This is important for eliminating duplicate content of your site.


The multiple domains can be simple, for example, and are actually different domain names. Or it can be more complicated, such as having and redirecting to Or perhaps a site has moved from to after negotiating a purchase of a better domain name.

The Url Master module provides a simple mechanism in order to redirect any domains back to a single domain that you choose.

To set this, first add all of the portal alias values (domain names) that you'd like the site to work with.

Then, go to the Admin->Portal Urls page.

Select the 'Portal Settings' tab in the Portal Urls page.

Find the 'Portal Alias (domain name) selection type' section, and choose the option for:

'The selected portal alias value will always be used.  All others will be redirected to the chosen alias'.

The list of portal alias values will change to a 'radio button' list.  Click on the one you would like your site to work with, and click on 'Apply changes'.  All other requests which do not use this alias will now be redirected to that alias.

Note: choosing a single alias reduces your licensing requirements.   The module knows when you're only using one alias for the portal, so that portal will only require 1 domain to be licensed.  This will be reflected in the licence details page.

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