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Creating a new Url for a DNN Page

Creating a new Url for a DNN page is easy with the Url Master module.  Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Admin->Portal Urls (ver 2.x) [Admin->Page Urls (1.x)] page

2. Select the DNN page you want to create a new Url for.  The details for that page will load

3. Click on 'Add New Url'.  A new url will be added to the end of the list, and will show the domain name with a yellow input box.

4.  Type in the new Url into the input box.  You can include forward slashes (ie page1/page2) but the rest of the Url must be in Url-safe characters (no : & ? etc).   You can create a Url with an extension different from the default for that portal, but if the Url is to have the same extension, you do not need to enter it.

For example, if your site uses .aspx as the extension, you can create a Url that ends with .html.  If you create a Url that ends with .aspx, the system will remove it.  In other words, it is implied that the extension matches what the portal uses for an extension.

5.  Click on 'Apply Changes'.  The new Url will be saved in the site.   If there are any characters that need to be encoded to be a valid Url, these will be shown.  It's a good idea to create Urls that do not have encoded characters.

Note : The Url is used only for navigation in the site.  All automatically created Urls (menu systems, breadcrumbs, etc) will automatically be updated with the new Url.  Any manually entered links (such as in Text/Html modules, Blog entries, Forum posts, etc) will not be updated automatically.  You wil need to redirect the 'old' Url.   The names used on the DNN menu will not be affected by the new Url - to change those, you will need to change the DotNetNuke page name.


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