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Invalid or unsupported type of compression

You may see this error on a site running the Url Master module:

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

This error occurs when the module is showing an unlicensed message at the same time the DNN Compression is enabled.

This is because the licensing message changes the signature of the compressed page, making the browser unable to decompress and display the contents of the page.

Normally, when the module is used in 'demo' mode, or with an invalid/incorrect licence, the DNN compression is disabled and this problem does not occur.

However, through one or more scenarios, there may arise a situation where this error is caused again:

  • A trial licence expires in a site using Http Compression

  • The module is upgraded between major versions (ie 1.x -> 2.x) without the correct licence file first being loaded

  • The licence is changed or removed from it's location on the server

The easy solution is to obtain a valid licence file for the product. If you're in a trial period, you can obtain another trial licence through the licensing page. If you have installed a version upgrade without first obtaining an upgraded licence, you can purchase an upgrade.

If you have an updated licence but can't run the site to upload it, manually copy the licence keyfile to the /desktopModules/iFinity.UrlMaster/Licence directory.

You can also disable the Url Master module - see KB topic Manually Removing the Url Master module configuration. This will return the site to operation and allow you to correct the licensing or switch off the Html Compression via the Host Settings page.

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