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Mandeeps Live Content


The Live Content module is compatible with Url Master.


If using LiveContent on child portals within your installation, you may experience issues where a logged-on user is logged off while clicking between content.

This issue is caused by a loss of user context during some of the LiveContent calls.

Configuration Changes

1.Go to the Host->Friendly Url Settings page

2. Find the 'Advanced Regex Settings' section

3. Locate the 'ignoreRegex' pattern, and modify the value to incorporate the following text:


This should be done by appending it to the end of the existing regex pattern, within any closing brackets. Here's an example (new section in bold):


Note that you may have already modified this pattern for other reasons, or your version of Url Master might have a slightly different default pattern. For that reason you should incorporate the livecontent pattern rather than replace the entire pattern.

This pattern prevents the LiveContent module calls from changing the portal context on the child portal.

4. Locate the 'forceLowerCaseRegex' pattern, and enter 'element' in the field. This prevents conversion of the LiveContent Urls to lower case, which breaks the module if you're also using the 'convert to lower case' setting of the module. If you have an existing value in the 'forceLowerCaseRegex' field, add in |element (the | character acts as an 'or' operator)

Apply Changes when you are done.

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