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Markit Slideshow

The Markit Slideshow is compatible with the Url Master module.

However, issues can arise with child portals, where the slideshow can cause a logout immediately after a user is logged in. The cause isn't perfectly clear, but the solution is quite simple.

Simply append the following regex pattern to the end of the 'ignoreRegex' pattern in the Url Master settings. See Modifying Advanced Regex Patterns for more detail.


The end result will look something like:
<i>[start omitted]</i>\.flv$|\.ico$|\.xml($|\?))<strong>|Markit\.Slideshow/[^\.]+.ashx</strong>

This regex will prevent the .ashx calls from the slideshow causing a logoff through loading incorrect portal settings.

Note that while it looks like the logoff occurs on the next request (ie page click, content edit, etc), in fact, the logoff has occured by the time the page has finished loading, because the behind-the-scenes calls to the slideshow module cause the issue. This will show up in edit mode because the 'drop down' menus will not work, even though the page appears in edit mode.

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