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Missing Admin or Host pages for Url Master

The Url Master module automatically creates two pages in the Admin and Host menus.

There are the Admin->Portal Urls and Host->Friendly Url Settings pages.

These two pages are created during the installation process, and, in the case of the 'Admin' page, each time a new portal is created.

Sometimes, due to a wide variety of circumstances, one or more of these pages might become missing from one or more of the menus.

Recreating the Pages

As the Admin->Portal Urls and Host->Friendly Url Settings pages are just normal DNN pages, they can be created/recreated just by adding them like any other normal page.  This can only be done in DNN 5.0 or later.

To do this, use the 'Add Page' functionality of DNN, set the name to either 'Portal Urls' or 'Friendly Url Settings' and configure the parent page to be either the Admin or Host pages respectively.

Then, use the 'Add Module' functionality to add the 'iFinity Url Master' module to the new page.  This will create two module instances on the page - one will be the Portal Urls functionality (easily identifiable by the pages list & Url list on the first tab).

To set the module up correctly, you just need to delete the module you don't need, or, move the module instance you don't need to the correct page.  This is done through the module settings.

Creating by Script

The two linked database scripts below will recreate these pages for any site that is missing them.  There are two versions, one for 4.6 - 5.4.x versions of DNN, and the other for 5.5 and higher versions.

Page Recreate Script 5.5+

Recreate Pages 4.6 - 5.4

To use the scripts, simply download the zip file and extract the script file.  Then, go into your site, sign in as a host user, and bring up the Host->Sql page.  Copy and paste the contents of the script file into the Sql window, check the 'Run as script' box and execute/run the Sql.    This will work even if you have some pages existing and some missing.

The script is completely harmless to existing data - the data and configuration for your site is stored in separate tables / configuration files to the tables this script modifies.

NOTE: The 'DNN 360' Module which some people have installed contains a serious bug in it which will prevent the running of this script (and many others).   If you have installed this module, you will need to uncomment the section relating to it.  If you do not have this module installed, you can simply delete the commented part of the script.

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