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Redirect nonwww Urls to the www version

It is a very common task in the Url Master module to redirect all non-www versions of a site to the www version.

This is generally so all links to a site use a canonical format instead of

This is easy to achieve with the Url Master software, just follow these instructions:

[note: these instructions apply to Url Master version 2.0 and higher]

1) Ensure that you have the www and non www version of your domain setup within DNS to point to your server.  You will know if this is correct, because both versions will resolve to the IP address where your site is set up.   If this isn't correct, you may need to speak to either whomever looks after your hosting (ie, your webhost), or whomever looks after your domain name (ie, your registrar).

2) Ensure that both the www and non www versions of your domain are mapped to your DotNetNuke installation.   You may need to set up a binding to the IIS website where you have DotNetNuke installed.  You will know if this is the case, because using either of the domains should load your DotNetNuke home page.  If that isn't set up, you may need to add the binding into the IIS configuration, or use a hosting control panel to link the missing domain name and the site together.

NOTE: for most people, 1 & 2 are already setup, as most sites are setup to work with both domains automatically.

3) Ensure that both the www and non www versions of your domain are created as Portal Aliases in your DotNetNuke portal.  You can check this by going to the Admin->Site Settings page, and find the Portal Aliases section.  If one or the other is missing, just add it in.

4) Go to the Admin->Portal Urls section, click on the 'Portal Settings' tab, and then select the option that says 'The selected portal alias is the Primary Alias'.  The wording may vary slightly depending on the version you have.

5) One the selection is made in step (4), the list of portal aliases for the site will appear.  Simply choose the one for the www version of the domain (or the non-www version, if you would prefer it the other way).

6) Click apply changes, and you're finished.  All Urls for the site should now redirect to use the Portal Alias you selected.

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