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Url Master Installation Problems

The Url Master module installs via the Module Installer like a regular DotNetNuke module.  It does, however, have special code in it that automatically creates the pages for the module.

There are some common issues which are caused by external factors - in general, other modules or scenarios that prevent the module from installing correctly.

DNN 360 Menu Module

Versions of this module contain certain database features that contain bugs.   Specifically, the DNN 360 Module contains a database trigger that operates on the 'Tabs' table.  This means that any modification to a DotNetNuke Tab (actually Page) runs some DNN 360 Menu code.  The issue is that this code doesn't allow for more than one Tab to be added/removed or changed at a time.  Because the Url Master module inserts at least two pages upon installation, this can create errors.

Some of the errors may appear like:

- 'Invalid Object Name' - with reference to a seemingly unrelated database object.

- 'Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, ><= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression.'

These are all symptoms.

Resolution to the Problem

There are two ways of resolving this issue:

1) Uninstall the DNN360 Menu and manually inspect the 'Tabs' table triggers to check whether all triggers are removed.

2) Run this Sql Script in the host->sql page before doing the install of the Url Master module:

disable trigger DNN360Menu_delete on {objectQualifier}Tabs
disable trigger DNN360Menu_insert on {objectQualifier}Tabs
disable trigger DNN360Menu_update on {objectQualifier}Tabs

To use this, just copy the above script into the host->sql page, and click on 'execute'.

To re-enable the triggers after you have finished the install, run this sql:

enable trigger DNN360Menu_delete on {objectQualifier}Tabs
enable trigger DNN360Menu_insert on {objectQualifier}Tabs
enable trigger DNN360Menu_update

This action will disable the triggers while the module is being installed.

Please note this is a bug with the DNN 360 Module code, and it may adversely affect future DNN upgrades or other modules in your site.

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