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Url Master Specific Errors

The Url Master module doesn't generally fall under the 'generic' DotNetNuke error handling scheme. This is because it is one of the first module to process a request in a DotNetNuke site.

You may find this error appearing in your website:

500 Server Error
An error occured during processing : if possible, check the event log of the server
Administrators : Obtain more information by changing to debug mode and switching custom errors off in the configuration.

If you see this, an error has occured within the Url Master module.

As the message says, you can change the configuration of the site to show more detail.

This is done by going into the web.config file and changing this value:

<compilation debug="false" strict="false">

to this:

<compilation debug="true" strict="false">

When you do this, more error information will be extracted from the problem.

Please post this information to the Url Master support forum for further diagnosis.

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