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Using the DNN Module RSS Feed

Url Master can be configured to work with the standard RSS feed feature in DotNetNuke modules.

The minimum version this will work with is

First, identify the Url that the RSS feed is using. This contains the string /moduleid/xxxx - note this down.

Next, go to the Friendly Url Settings page, and open up the 'advanced regex settings' section, and make these changes:

in 'doNotRedirectRegex', add this value to the end of the existing expression : |moduleid/xxx where xxx is the module id noted down

in 'noFriendlyUrlRegex', add this value to the field moduleId/xxxx - again, substitute the module id. If there is an existing value, use a | character the same as for 'doNotRedirectRegex'.

in 'useSiteUrlsRegex' add this value (if not already in the box) - /rss\.aspx

If you are using the 'Force lower case' option, add this to the 'forceLowerCaseRegex' regex setting - moduleid/xxxx -as before.  Use a | character to append the value if there is already a value in that field.  This prevents lower case conversion on that Url, which allows the DNN RSS code to work OK, as it is a case-sensitive conversion.

Apply changes when all changes are complete.

What these changes do is this :

- allow the module to create the full /name/tabid/xx/moduleid/xxx/rss.aspx when the feed icon is clicked

- bypass the friendly url rewriting logic and pass the url directly to the rule processing engine which uses the siteurls.config file, which is where the rewriting rule for the /rss.aspx Url is located

- stop any redirects away from this url caused by the module identifiying it as a non-friendly url.

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