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Category Url Options

Understanding Category Url Options

Catalook Category Urls in a standard DotNetNuke installation are produced in this format:

This is for an "Advanced" category.  For 'Simple' categories, the Url changes from Level/a to Level/n were n denotes the Category Level (ie, 1,2,3).

With the installation of the Url Master module, the above Url will change to this:

This is shorter but still not really a suitable Url for an e-commerce store.

With the installation of the Catalook Url Provider, the above Url can be improved to this:

Where 'My Product Category' is derived from the specific category.  The actual source of the data is defined by the 'Style' of the Url.  This is set per-Portal.

Level/a, Level/1 and List/0

The removal of these parts of the Category Url improve the readability of the Urls immensely.  However, the removal of these items often leads people to wonder where they are gone.

The answer is that, 'underneath the covers' the Level and List parameters are still supplied to Catalook, so it will continue to work in the same way.  The detail is hidden from the site visitors, allowing them to understand the Urls without seeing any of the underlying module complexity.

Category Url Style

The Category Urls for both Simple and Advanced Categories can be derived from 1 of 3 pieces of data associated with the Category.

1. Category Name

2. Category Description

3. Category Meta Title

In all cases, the category data is cleaned and checked for uniqueness before being used as a category Url.

For examples of these Urls, assume the Category 'zz' has these values:

Category Name : My Product Category

Category Description : Extensive Collection of Products

Category Meta Title : Collection of Products

Depending on the choice of the Url Source, the Url for the Category would be produced like this:




The choice in Url source allows you to tailor the best source for the Urls, allowing the store administrator to tune their SEO needs while still allowing flexibility in the store listings.

Note: 'Simple' Categories do not have a Meta Title field.  In this case, the Simple categories will default back to using the Category Name for the Url Source.

You can specify a different Category Source for both Advanced and Simple Categories.

How to set the Category Url Source

Go to the Admin->Portal Urls page

Click on the 'Module Providers' tab

Find the 'Catalook Url Provider' in the list of providers, and click the link to change the provider settings.

Choose a Source for the SImple and Advanced Categories from the Drop Down list.

Click on 'Apply Changes' to save the changes.

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