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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What licence do I need for the Catalook Url Provider

A: The provider is licensed by domain name or by DotNetNuke installation (host licence), in the same pattern as the Url Master module. However, you don't need to match your Url Master licence - you only need to licence as many domains as you need for the Catalook Url Provider for. Unlike the Url Master, you don't need a licence for every domain/portal in your installation, just the ones where the Catalook Url Provider is being used.

Q: Will the provider redirect all my old product and category Urls?

A: Yes, by default the module will redirect all your existing product and categoryIds for any portals in which it is activated.  You can avoid redirect of specific Products by assigning a Starting Product Id - any products numbered prior to this Id will be left as-is by the provider.

Q: Will the provider affect the speed of my site?

A: While any extra code running will always have some type of affect on speed, the module is engineered to be as 'lightweight' as possible.  Extensive performance testing has gone into making the module run as efficiently as possible.  You can optimise the performance of the module by avoiding the use of 'run on all pages' if possible (some store sites are, by nature, on every page).  By assigning only the store pages in your site to the module in the Url Master Module Providers configuration, you ensure that the provider code is not run unecessarily.

However, performance testing has shown that there is little measurable effect of running the provider on Catalook installations.  Catalook as a module is quite large and complex and a Catalook enabled site will always run slower than a standard DotNetNuke installation.  If your site is running slow with Catalook, it's best to contact a Catalook specialist to assist in improving the speed.

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