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Hiding the DotNetNuke Page Name from the Url

For some stores, it is desirable to completely hide the page name for the DotNetNuke page the store is installed on.

For an example, assume the Catalook Store is installed on the page 'store'.

In a regular installation, the provider will output a Url like this:

However, it is possible to remove the 'store' portion of the Url, leaving this:

This can only be done for one particular DotNetNuke page in the entire site.  If other providers are installed on the site (for example, a blog Url provider) only one of the providers can utilise this function.

Note: in order for this function to work, the Catalook Product module must be installed on the selected page. 

How to remove the Page Name

Go to the Admin-Portal Urls page

Click on the 'Module Providers' tab

Find the Catalook Url Provider in the list of installed providers.

Click on the 'Change Provider Settings' link.

In the Provider settings page, select the page from the drop down list of pages.  This is marked as 'Select page to have pagename hidden in the output Urls'.

Click 'Apply Changes' to save the changes.

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