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Installing the Catalook Friendly Url Provider

The Catalook Friendly Url Provider is installed via the DotNetNuke 'Extensions' page.

NOTE: The Url Master module (2.5 or later) and the Catalook Store module must be installed before installing the Catalook Url Provider.  The install will not proceed unless the Url Master module and the Catalook Store are already installed.

To install the module, follow these steps:

1. Download the module install package from the Catalook Url Provider product page.

2. Do not unpack the zip file. Log on to your DotNetNuke installation as a 'host' or 'superuser', and go to the 'Host->Extensions' page.

3. Click on the option to 'Install new extension'

4. Upload the Installation zip file downloaded in step 1.

5. Continue through the installation wizard. If you do not have Url Master (min version 2.5) or the Catalook Store module installed, the install wizard will fail.

6. When the install wizard is complete, scroll down to the bottom to ensure there were no error messages.

The module is now installed. You can proceed to your Admin->Portal Urls page to see that it has appeared in the 'Module Providers' list for Url Master custom providers.

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