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Product Url Options

Understanding Product Url Options

The standard Catalook Urls for Products will look like this:

With the installation of the Url Master module, the Urls will improve to this:

With the installation of the Catalook Url Provider plug-in for Url Master, the Url can be further improved to be based on the Product name.

The Friendly Urls from the Catalook Url Provider remove the productId/yy from the Url, and replace it with a unique Url based on one of the product fields.

These are:

1. Product Name

2. Product Meta Title

3. Product Description

In all cases, the source data is cleansed to be Url-safe before being used as the Url.

As an example, assume the product 'yy' has these values for the product:

Product Name : My Cool Product

Product Meta Title : Innovative Cool Product

Product Description : An Innovative Cool New Product

Depending on the choice of Url Source, the Url will come out like:




By allowing flexibility in the choice of Product Url source, you can tailor the Urls to best suit the SEO strategy for the site.

The choice of Product Url Source is portal-specific, and applies to all products in a specific portal.

NOTE: If 'Product Meta Title' or 'Description' are chosen, and a specific product has no value for those fields, then the product name will be used.

How to Set the Product Url

Go to the Admin->Portal Urls page

Click on the 'Module Providers' tab

Find the 'Catalook Url Provider' in the list, and click the link

Find the drop-down for 'Source of Url for Products'.  Choose what the Url source will be, and then click 'Apply Changes'.


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