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Saving options for the Friendly Url Output

The iFinity Catalook Url Provider contains a set of options for controlling how the Urls of the Catalook module are produced and used to control the Catalook store module content.

These options are configured and saved at the web.config level of the DotNetNuke installation, but are easily adjusted through the Catalook Url Provider user interface.

This is accessed through the Url Master Module Providers section.  To modify these settings, please follow these steps:

1) Log onto your DotNetNuke installation as a 'host' or 'admin' account.

2) Navigate to the Admin->Portal Urls page, and click on the 'Module Providers' tab. (Note: If you don't have a Module Providers tab on the Portal Urls page, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of the Url Master module).

3) It is advised to select the applicable pages that the provider will be working with at this point in the process.  See Activating the Friendly Url Provider for more information.

4) Locate the 'iFinity Catalook Url Provider' entry in the list of providers, and click on the 'Change Provider Settings' link.

5) Once the Provider Settings page is loaded, change the options as required.  These options are:

  • Start Friendly Urls from Product ID : If you wish to start the Friendly Urls for your products from a certain point, enter that product Id here.  Enter a whole number that refers to the product Id.   Setting this value means that all products before this set number will not have friendly urls.  You would use this feature when you do not want to change the Url for existing products.
  • Select page to have pagename hidden in output Urls :  If you don't want the DotNetNuke Page name to appear in the Product/Category Urls, select the page that the store is installed on.  This only works if you have only one page in your site that is used to show product details (ie, the itempane_NF module).  If you have multiple pages with the Catalook store on them, you can't use this option.  There is a restriction of only one page per portal that can use this setting.
  • Source of Url for Products : Choose either Name, Description or Meta Title.  This controls where the content for the Product Urls are sourced from.
  • Source of Url for Simpe Categories : Choose either Name or Description.  This controls where the content for the Category Urls are source from.
  • Advanced Category Url Source : Choose either Name, Description or Meta Title.  This controls where the content for the Advanced Category Url is sourced.

6) Once the selections have been made, click the 'Apply Changes' button.  To return to the providers page, click the 'Return to Providers' button, or, just navigate away to the store page.

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