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Starting Product Id

The starting product ID allows a store owner with a large number of existing Urls to avoid redirecting and changing Urls for an established set of products.

Redirecting Urls will - all other things being equal - have some affect on the SEO ranking of a product Url.  If a Product Url ranks well, it is better to leave it than to make a change.

The Catalook Url Provider can be configured to only start issuing 'Friendly' Urls from a certain product onwards.

In the hypothetical case of a set of products which number from 100 - 300, the Product Id for Friendly Urls could be set at 280.

This would mean that Product ID 279 would be generated as :

and Product ID 280 would be generated as:

To set the starting Product Id, follow these steps:

Go to the Admin->Portal Urls

Click on the 'Module Providers' tab

Find the Catalook Url Provider in the list, then click on the 'Change Provider Settings' link.

In the 'Start Friendly Urls from Product Id' field, type in the Product Id.

Apply the Changes.

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