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Article Urls

The standard News Article Url for the Ventrian News Article will look like this:

or, if the 'short' option is selected:

(note the two examples assume the Url Master module is already installed, otherwise the 'tabid/xx/' path will also be included.)

There are two options with the iFinity News Articles Provider module to change the way the Articles Urls look, plus the option to include/exclude the DotNetNuke Page name into the Urls.  There are also 3 choices on where from the News Article module to obtain the 'Title' information which go into creating the article Url.

Article Style

Option 1- Blog Style

'Blog Style' mimics the style of Urls for many popular blogging platforms.  This incorporates the date in a yyyy/mm/dd style into the start of the Url, and to finish the Url with the title.

Urls created in blog style will look like this (using the above example):

Option 2- Article Style

Article Style is used for people who are using the Urls for less time-dependent information, or who don't like the blog format.

Article Style simply uses the title to create the Url.  Again, using the above example, this is what you would see:

The Article Url Style is chosen by selecting one of the above options from the 'Style of Article Url' dropdown in the Module Provider settings.

Article Source

The Article Source option defines where the 'title' used in creating the Article Url is sourced from (regardless of the Article Url Style).   The title is the main part of the Url.

There are three options for choosing the article title:

1) Article Title : this is the title of the article as entered.  This is the default.

2) Article Meta Title : this is the 'Meta Title' of the article, as entered in the Article Settings.

3) Article Short Url : this is the Short Url of the article, as entered in the Article Settings.

In any case where an article doesn't have a value for the Meta Title or Short Url, it will 'fall back' to using the Article Title, which is mandatory for all articles.

By varying the source, it is possible to tailor the Url of articles for each page to optimise the SEO strategy.

Article Page Urls

As some articles can be multi-page, there is also an option for controlling how the Article Page Urls are created.    This is chosen in the 'Style of Page Url' drop-down in the Module Provider settings.

The choice is between article title and page number (ie /article-title-here/p/2) or the unique page title (if it has been set by the content editor) which allows a unique Url for any of the pages of the article.  This means the Url can be generated as /article-page-2-different-url if it is required to optimise different urls for different pages of an article.

Inclusion of the DotNetNuke Page Name

The inclusion/exclusion of the DotNetNuke page name applies to all News Articles Urls (article, author, page, category and archive).

Exclusing the DotNetNuke page name simply means that the provider generates a Url that doesn't include the page name (or path) of the DotNetNuke page.  Instead, the article title is generated relative to the root of the site.

Continuing the previous example, this is how a 'blog style' url will appear:

The DotNetNuke page name has been removed from the Url completely, shortening it further.

The option to remove the page name is activated by checking the 'Hide DotNetNuke pagename from Url' checkbox.  Note that because the provider needs to know which page to load, you can only choose one page per portal that this option is used on.

Once all options for all the selected pages have been chosen, then just click 'Apply Changes' at the bottom of the page.  This will write the options back to the web.config file, and activate the provider with the selected options immediately.

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