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Author Urls

Note : for a fuller discussion of setting options, please also review the Article Urls topic.

The News Article module uses an author link to show all the articles written by a specific author, which maps to a particular user id.

In the standard module, this will appear something like:

(assuming Url Master already installed).

With the News Articles Friendly Url Provider extension installed, there is a choice between two Author Url Styles (the Style of Author Url drop down in the provider settings).

Display Name

The display name option uses the Display Name of the DotNetNuke user record for the person who wrote the article.  This uses the standard Url Master punctuation replacement rules and creates a record for the Author based on their display name.

As an example, the above Url would be transformed like this:


The alternative is to use the username of the Author, so the output is like this:

Either option can be used.

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