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Category Urls

Note : for a fuller discussion of setting options, please also review the Article Urls topic.

The Category Urls option for the News Articles Friendly Url Provider allows the choice between two ways of representing categories.

By default, the category view of the News Articles module will show a Url that looks like this:

(assuming Url Master is already installed)

The Friendly Url Provider extension will simplify this Url to the following:

However, there are two choices with regards to category names:

Category Hierarchy

This option will structure the Url to represent any parent/child relationships in the Article Categories, so that, if Category 2 is a child of Category 1, the Url will be generated as Category1/Category2.

Category Name

This option will always just use the Category Name as the way of generating the Url, regardless of the position of the particular category in the hierarchy.

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