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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What licence do I need for the News Articles Friendly Url Provider

A: The provider is licensed by domain name or by DotNetNuke installation (host licence), in the same pattern as the Url Master module.  However, you don't need to match your Url Master licence - you only need to licence as many domains as you need the News Articles Friendly Url Provider for.   Unlike the Url Master, you don't need a licence for every domain/portal in your installation, just the ones where the News Articles Friendly Url Provider is being used.

Q:  Will the provider handle redirects for my old News Article Urls

A : Yes, just activate the option called 'Redirect 'old' style Urls to newer Urls?' in the Provider Settings.

Q: I don't want to redirect all my old blog posts because I'm worried about affecting their rankings.

A: You don't have to.  Use the option for 'First Article Id that should use new Url Formats' and enter the latest Article ID in.  Only the new posts will use the new format, and all the old posts will continue to work with the existing Urls, avoiding redirects.

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