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There are three main avenues for troubleshooting:

1) The DotNetNuke Event log.

2) Testing the Urls

3) Using Fiddler or similar Http debugger

DotNetNuke Event Log

Any errors with the provider will be logged into the DotNetNuke event log.  If any errors are encountered while processing Urls within the provider, the Url Master module ignores the results of the provider and returns what it would have done normally.  This is to prevent a faulty provider crashing the entire site.  However, any exceptions caught in this manner are logged to the event log.   Due to the high volume of processing, however, the Url Master module will only log 1 unique exception per session to the event viewer, so they may be hidden between other errors.

Testing the Urls

Once the provider is activated, you can use the 'Test Url Rewriting' and 'Test Friendly Url Generation' functions of the Url Master module to check to see how the provider is operating.  You will get the results and any 'debug' messages returned during operations.

Using Fiddler or Similar Http Debugger

To test the processing of a Url, request the Url in a tool like Fiddler.  Add either ?_umdebug=true to the querystring, or add _umdebug:true as a request header, then check the response headers.  Note the request header will only work if 'Allow Debug Code' is set to true in the Url Master Host/ Friendly Url Settings/ Performance settings tab.

The provider will output debug messages indicating which conditions were met internally - these can be used to help troubleshoot the message.

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