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Manual Web.config Settings

The News Article provider module stores all settings in the web.config file.

These entries are stored in a specific entry for the News Article provider that is created when the module is installed.

Each group of settings entered through the 'Module Providers' section of the Url Master module is stored at the portal level. 

All module providers are stored in a web.config section:

<moduleFriendlyUrl defaultProvider="None">

Within this section, any module providers for the Url Master module are configured.

The News Articles provider is listed like this:

<add name="iFinity.NewsArticles" type="iFinity.NewsArticles.ModuleFriendlyUrlProvider.NewsArticlesModuleProvider, iFinity.NewsArticlesFriendlyUrlProvider >

Within that declaration (which ends with an /add ) closing tag, there should be a <portals></portals> section.  Each <portal> definition within this relates to a specific portal configuration.

The options are saved to the following xml attributes:

  • portalId - the portal Id the <portal> section relates to
  • isActive (true/false) - if true, the provider will be loaded for this portal
  • tabIds (empty/delimited list of tabid values) - specifies the tabIds the provider should be used for.  This relates to both showing the friendly urls, and rewriting the urls.  If the attribute is empty or omitted, the module is loaded for all pages in the site.
  • startingArticleId = if supplied, specifies the beginning Article that uses the friendly urls.  By default this is articleId 0.
  • noDnnPagePathTabId - if supplied, specifies the tabId within the portal in which the page path (ie /tabname) is omitted from the resulting Url.  If using this option, it normally is one of the TabIds in the list that the News Article module is installed on.  Note there can only be one tab specified per portal, across all module providers for that portal.
  • articleUrlStyle - tabId,Style;tabId,Style - this is a delimited list that specifies - for the chosen tabs - what style the Urls have.  See the more specific KB articles on the styles for the articleUrls.
  • articleUrlSource - simliar to articleUrlStyle - allows specification of the source of the title for articles.
  • pageUrlStyle, pageUrlSource, authorUrlStyle, categoryUrlStyle - see comments for articleUrlStyle and articleUrlSource.

If you wish to make direct changes to the web.config file you should do so only after backing up the file so you can quickly restore a known good copy of the web.config file.  For larger site rollouts it may be faster to manually configure the options.

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