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Getting your Tags to vary in size

The iFinity Tagger module has the ability to vary the Font size for different Tags.  This is controlled by the number of items tagged with that particular Tag.

This function works by using the CSS font scaling property.

The Html for this will look something like this:

<span style="font-size: 175%" class="tagText">

<a href='/Tag-List/Tag/Test.aspx">Test</a>


This tag will only size correctly if a fixed-size font is NOT used.

The default DNN skins use a 12px fixed size font, which means that the Tag-sizing will not work unless the default skin is changed.

To demonstrate this, find your 'skin.css' file in the /portals/_default/skins/MinimalExtropy path.

Find this line:

body,th,td,table,.Normal,.NormalDisabled,.Head,.SubHead,.SubSubhead, a:link, a:visited, a:hover {font-size:12px;}

and change to this:

body,th,td,table,.Normal,.NormalDisabled,.Head,.SubHead,.SubSubHead {font-size:12px;}

Save the file, do a ctl+f5 refresh of your browser, and the tags should start to scale correctly.

Note: for other custom skins you will need to trace where in the skin a fixed size font for the A tag is specified, and change it.  In most cases this will not affect the layout to change the default size for the A tag, because it is generally will pick up the default sizing through inheritance.

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