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6/7/2018 3:29 AM
Hi Bruce,

I'm trying to upgrade to Url Master 2.8 on a DNN 7.0.2 installation to enable subsequent upgrade to later DNN versions. Unfortunately, the module installation process crashes the site with the error below. Any ideas how to resolve this please? I  have copied a live site to development to test the upgrade path I want to take, so I am able to roll back.

Paul Taylor

500 Internal Server Error
The requested Url does not return any valid content.
Change this message by configuring a specific 404 Error Page or Url for this website.
Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '' Key being added: ''
Stack Trace:
at System.Collections.Hashtable.Insert(Object key, Object nvalue, Boolean add) at System.Collections.DictionaryBase.System.Collections.IDictionary.Add(Object key, Object value) at iFinity.DNN.Modules.UrlMaster.TabDictController.BuildPortalAliasesRegexDictionary() at iFinity.DNN.Modules.UrlMaster.TabDictController.GetPortalAliasRegexes(FriendlyUrlSettings settings) at iFinity.DNN.Modules.UrlMaster.UrlRewriteModule.GetPortalAlias(FriendlyUrlSettings settings, String requestUrl, Boolean& redirect, String& wrongAlias, Guid parentTraceId) at iFinity.DNN.Modules.UrlMaster.UrlRewriteModule.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context, HttpRequest request, HttpServerUtility Server, HttpResponse response, Boolean useFriendlyUrls, String requestType, Uri requestUri, UrlAction result, NameValueCollection queryStringCol, FriendlyUrlSettings settings, Boolean allowSettingsChange, Guid parentTraceId)
You can see this exception because the customErrors attribute in the web.config is set to 'off'. Change this value to 'on' or 'RemoteOnly' to show Error Handling
The error handling could not determine the correct page to show.

Paul Taylor
Dotcom Software Solutions Ltd
DotNetNuke, ASP.NET and SQL Server Development
HomeHomeDotNetNuke Modu...DotNetNuke Modu...Url MasterUrl MasterUrl Master 2.8 upgrade crashes DNN 7.0Url Master 2.8 upgrade crashes DNN 7.0

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