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New Post
4/7/2008 8:05 AM

The first public release of the Url Master module is now available for download.

The download links are here:

iFinity Url Master Install | iFinity Url Master Install Instructions

For more information about the Url Master module, please see the product description

Chief Software Hacker
New Post
4/12/2008 2:03 AM

I have uploaded a new version of the Url Master for download:

This version (1.0.7) contains a few bug fixes for unwanted redirections, https and rss feeds.

The download links are here:

iFinity Url Master Install | iFinity Url Master Install Instructions

Outstanding issues to be resolved include: Native IIS7 install (manual workaround) and multi-portal installations where only a subset of portals are licensed.

These issues will be addressed in coming releases

Chief Software Hacker
New Post
4/17/2008 10:23 AM

I have released a new version of the Url Master module

This includes some bug fixes, including

- bringing Sql 2000 support into the 'main' module code

- make site root 301 redirect respect the 'do not redirect' regex expression

Please note if you have a licensed copy you may have to reinstall your licence after upgrading.


Download Links : iFinity Url Master Module Install | iFinity Url Master Module Instructions


Chief Software Hacker
New Post
5/28/2008 3:36 AM

The latest version of the Url Master module has been released.

This is version 1.10.5.  It contains bug fixes and some small enhancements:

New Functionality in 1.10.5

  • Support for host-level licence: It's now possible to licence all portal installations in the one DNN install. (438)
  • Page Index Cache Control : New controls allow the administrator to individually set the cache time for the 'Page Index', which is an in-memory index of all the pages for the DNN installation. In addition, the logging of each occurence of the cache rebuild process can be switched on and off as necessary. (448)
  • Home/Default.aspx redirection to site root: In previous versions, the software either did no redirection for and /home.aspx requests, or redirected all requests to /home.aspx, if they were for, or any of the 'unfriendly' combinations of the home page. This version reverses that by generating the site root Url as the Url for the home page, and redirecting any request for any combination of the home page back to the site root. (432)
  • Https client-based redirect: This version has a check box in the Friendly Url Settings screen for whether any redirections from https->http for a page should be done via injecting a 302 redirect in via javascript, or issuing a 302 redirect from the server. This allows people who have permanently switched off https for a page to pass the information on to search engines. (449)

Bug Fixes in 1.10.5

These bug fixes are as found by existing users, or as found in internal testing.

  • Upgrades do not overwrite existing licence files (434)
  • IIS7 Support for system.webserver configuration section (421)
  • Deleted page redirect problems (422)
  • Handle invalid Tab Id's better, and output 404 page when invalid tab id requested (428)
  • Page Url's page not visible to site administrators (445)
  • Page Url's page not created for new portals created after installation (446)
  • Page Extension not being saved when set using Friendly Url Settings Screen (447)

Note: Many requests have been received to explain why the cache rebuild message was appearing frequently. The previous versions used the default DNN cache settings to choose how long to store the information for. This release implements a new system whereby the administrator can set how long the page index exists in the cache, and whether or not the page index should remain in the cache through an application restart. However, it is important for people to realise that ultimately it is their web server resources that control how often the cache is flushed. If the web server is short on resources like memory, it will choose to flush the cache to maintain performance. Thus, it isn't possible solely through the cache settings to control how often the page index cache gets rebuilt. A whole-of-server approach needs to be taken. The messages are now only sent to the application log when the setting is switched on, so most administrators can relax knowing the site log will not fill up. As long as the site is performing well, there really isn't any great concern about how often the cache is flushed. To maximise page index build and cache times, reduce the amount of portal alias entries as much as possible, and clean deleted pages out of the recycle bin when they are no longer required.

The Url Master Product Page / Free Downloads page has been merged together, so to get the latest version, go to the new Url Master Product Page for the latest download.

Chief Software Hacker
New Post
6/12/2008 3:21 AM

I have posted a new release of iFinity Url Master.

This is version 1.10.7.  Release notes are below.  This is primarily a bug fix release.  The download is available at the iFinity Url Master Product page.

New Functionality in 1.10.7


  • Allows specification of a 'site root' redirect for a home page other than the site Home page. To use, add an empty Url in the Page Urls table for the specific page, and ensure that the 'Home' page in Site Settings is not set. (451)
  • New 'deleted tabs' filter in the Page Urls screen (464)


Bug Fixes in 1.10.7


  • Fixed Site root redirect bug when sites have 'Default.aspx' as the default document(450)
  • Fixed subdomain redirect bug when site has no set home page. (465)
  • Default collation set by creating table on Primary (452)

Chief Software Hacker
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