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1/31/2012 10:05 PM

The wiki is an DNN implementation of the Screwturn wiki.  Basically they have a utility called getfile that returns the image.

The following is the latest information from Canam:

a)      The module replaces all image wikimarkup tags with urls pointing to a file called “getfile”, with the file name as a request parameter(

b)      “getfile” looks at the file name, fetches it from the system and writes it out.


I put some code to output log entries in “getfile”. Since no log entries are being recorded, it seems that the file is not being called. I tried accessing “getfile” without a file parameter(  and did see 2 entries in the event viewer subsequently.


It means that “getfile” exists, and is working but something is preventing it from being called when a file parameter exists in the URL. Are there any restrictions in the application that would cause this?

Is there any way I can setup a rule to get this working?


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2/1/2012 2:39 AM

The restriction will be coming from the .png extension, which is in the 'ignoreRegex' pattern.

To change this, you'll have to allow requests for .png files through the ignoreRegex by modifying the pattern to remove the .png match.

However, this might also cause a problem for any .png files where it isn't requested through the getFile call.

If that is the case, you will need some regex that only lets png files through if they have 'getFile' in the Url as well.   Please post your 'ignoreRegex' pattern as it is currently and I'll come up with a new regex pattern for you.

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2/2/2012 3:36 AM


If you could help me modify our IgnoreRegex for png's with the the getfile that would be greatly appreciated.

Here is our current IgnoreRegex:


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2/2/2012 4:26 PM

Please try this pattern:


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2/2/2012 5:30 PM
Bruce Chapman wrote:

Please try this pattern:



Thank you Bruce,

That worked nicely.

I sent the information on to Canam as well for their records.

I wanted to say here also that I have had great followup from you of course, but also from the folks at Canam.

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