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Url Master Module Downloads

This page lists all the current downloads for the Url Master module.  The installation packages are suitable to install directly into the Module Installer in your DotNetNuke website.  The instruction packages are designed to be extracted on your local computer and read using a web browser.

All downloads do not require registration.  Please link to this page and not to individual download files.

If you have a 1.x licence, you need to purchase an upgrade before you can install the 2.x versions.  Please purchase a licence before upgrading your 1.x version to a 2.x version on a live website.  The version upgrade is available to purchase on the Version Upgrade page.

Licence type upgrades (from Single Domain licence to 5 domain licence) are different from the Version Upgrades, and are available from the Url Master purchase page.

Downloadable Files

 File  Link  Date  Size
iFinity Url Master 2.8.2 Install Package 

Note: Requires .NET 4.0 minimum
 Download  Jun 13, 2014   424 K
 iFinity Url Master 2.8.2 Instructions  Download  Jun 13, 2014  1272 K
 iFinity Url Master 2.7 Install Package  Download  May 27, 2013  413 K

Custom Module Url Providers can be downloaded from the Url Master Providers Codeplex project

Version Compatibility

Version 2.8 is compatible with all versions of DotNetNuke from 4.6 to 7.x
Version 1.17 is compatible with DotNetNuke versions 4.6 - 5.x and is no longer available for download.