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iFInity Url Master Module

The iFinity Url Master Module is a DNN extension used for controlling URLs within DNN sites and installations.  

In 2012 the product was acquired by DNN Corp and integrated into the standard DNN Platform and Evoq Content and Evoq Social products, released in July 2013 with DNN Platform 7.1, Evoq Content 7.1 and Evoq Social 1.1.

All DNN based versions from 7.1 include the main features of Url Master.  These include simplified URLs, automated redirect of unfriendly URLs, per-site 404 handling and the ability to extend URL functionality via Url Providers.   More new features were included in the 7.1+ 'Advanced' URLs, including the ability to automatically create redirects to track pages that had been moved or renamed.

As it is been fully integrated into the DNN products, the module is no longer offered for sale.   Existing customers can obtain downloads of the latest versions from the Url Master Downloads page, and obtain modifications to their licence from the Licensing page.   Version 2.8.1 and higher includes a more relaxed licensing version to assist customers with future-proofing their site against domain name changes.  All versions of Url Master can be upgraded to 2.8.1 without a need to change the existing licence keyfile.

Support for the product is currently still available through the Support Forums or via the DNN Store help desk.

If you have a version of Url Master installed, you can upgrade the functionality to use the DNN Advanced Urls - the instructions are here.  If you have custom Url Providers that need to be converted to DNN-spec Extension URL Providers, the instructions are here.