Getting Support for iFinity Products 

Support for iFinity Products

There are multiple ways in which to get support for an iFinity Product.  Please read below and decide which option suits you the best:

Product Instructions

Did you know that all iFinity Products have an instructions file?

If you have downloaded an iFinity Product, the instructions are either included in a separate instructions zip file, or the instructions are included within the product zip file.   Just extract the instructions from the zip file, they're in Html format so you can view with your regular browser.  This contains information on getting started, usual configuration options and more.

Go to the Products Page for Instructions Download

Product FAQ pages

Many products have a FAQ page that answer common questions about the product.  This might be for questions on 'can it do...' or for simple help questions like 'how do I...'.    Just go to the Products page and follow the links for the product you need support with.

Go to the Products Page

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a great place to find answers to common problems and questions about things like compatibility settings for other modules and how to troubleshoot specific problems.

Go to the Url Master Knowledge Base

News Articles Friendly Url Provider Knowledge Base 

Tagger Knowledge Base

Support Forums

The product support forums contain product-specific forums where you can both find answers to questions that have been already asked, or you can post a new question.   It's a busy place in the forums and most questions are answered quickly with accurate answers.  If you can't find the answer to your question in the instructions, FAQ's or knowledge base, head on over to the forums and post your question.  It's the best way to get a question answered, and your questions are saved and help others with the same problem to find answers as well.

Go to the Product Support Forums


Please do not try to get support via email, unless specifically instructed to.   Necessarily aggressive spam filtering means most unsolicited emails end up in the spam folder, and you're unlikely to get a reply.  Please use one of the methods listed above.