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Who We Are

iFinity is a website and software development company created and run by Bruce Chapman.  Bruce has been in the software development industry for 14 years and started the company in the belief that the development of useful internet software is only just beginning.  After working in large companies for most of his career, he decided to go out on his own, where he could get results to people faster and end up with giving people what they wanted.

Bruce works with other selected independent consultants for website design and development where necessary, and partners in joint-ventures on new websites and larger software projects, or even acts as a contract employee sometimes.  Bruce is an industry-experienced software developer with experience for national and international clients, and iFinity has been created for the vast majority of businesses that can't afford a full-time software development department.  He runs the company with his wife Aleta, who is a qualified accountant and runs the business side while Bruce is pre-occupied with developing software and filling his ideas notebook continually.

The majority of work that Bruce performs is on the DotNetNuke content management system platform.  It's a continually evolving field, but with years of experience and many websites built, he knows the system well and can rapidly develop solutions built on top of the framework.  For people who need help with their DotNetNuke based websites - this knowledge is valuable.  For people who just need websites and don't care what they are built with - you can be assured that this knowledge means the chosen platform is being used to the best of it's abilities.

There isn't a business in the world that can't become smarter, more efficient and easier to run - there is always somewhere to improve the way things work.  The guiding principle of all products and projects is 'make sure it is simple and easy to use'.

iFinity Beliefs

We sincerely believe that:

- a well designed, well executed business process combined with simple but effective software can produce great results.
- a lot of people use technical jargon to sell overpriced, overcomplicated systems to people who need simple effective systems

- software should be as reliable and dependable as every other item in your business

What we promise to our clients

- You don't need to be a technology guru to get benefits from software, just as you don't need to be a mechanical engineer to get the benefit of a car
- We won't provide you with unnecessary detail and jargon, unless you specifically want to know : we don't like people doing it to us, so we won't do it to you
- We will listen to what you want; and advise you on what can be achieved
- We will only sell you what you need
- We will help your business run more effectively

iFinity - "Make Good Software and Be Nice to People"

If you're not happy with a product, service, comment or anything, please get in contact.   The iFinity brand stands for quality software and honest dealings, so if you think you haven't received this, we'd like to change that.

Please contact us with your query if you are interested in one of our products, or you would like to talk to us about solving a business problem of yours.